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New Bride Drowned by her own Wedding Dress

New Bride Drowned by her own Wedding DressA new bride in Quebec Canada who was being photographed slipped into a river and was drowned by her own wedding dress. Her dress absorbed a large quantity of water and pulled her into the water. She was eventually swept away by the current. The woman has been identified as Maria Pantazopoulos, a real estate agent who was married on June 9 and wanted one last wedding shot in her dress. 08.25.2012 August 25


Wedding Dancer

Wedding DancerThis video represents my brother dancing at his wedding shower. Played a wedding game that involved toilet paper. The men dressed the future groom with toilet paper and the women dress the future bride with toilet paper. The younger kids at the party chose the winner. My brother won. Here is his victory dance. Song in video is, “Life’s Gonna Suck,” by Faust and Lewis on their album, “Classy Trash.”