Sleeves are In — Tips for Wedding dresses

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August 27, 2014
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Sleeves are In — Tips for Wedding dresses

Sleeves are In — Tips for Wedding dresses

Arms are not always the bestasset for women but there is nothing to worry about when it comes to choosing your wedding gown. Nowadays, you can look gorgeous wearing wedding dresses with long lace sleeves. Wearing full sleeves brings a certain grace to the overall look, as well as attractive modesty. Brides, mother of the bride and groom and bridesmaids can all wear full-sleeve dresses and look fashionable and delicate. John Charles is a specialist designer of mother of the bride suits and has a wide range of outfits featuring pretty sleeves of various lengths. The collection can be seen at

Firstly, s Select the design of the dress and then decide on the kind of sleeves you would like to have – for example, long or short sleeves. Long sleeves look nicer on longer arms as they cover more skin. Women with bigger frames, such as wide shoulders should go for three-quarter length sleeves. Do not go for sleeves that cut the arms at their widest point. Do not worry that wearing full sleeves will make you look old fashioned. Long sleeves look great with with a pretty neckline and open back.

If you prefer short-sleeved dresses – whether cap or three-quarter length – these can either be flirty and girly or more refined in style. Ivanka Trump’s updated version of Grace Kelly’s wedding dress (as above) may provide some inspiration here. The beautifully embroidered lace on Vera Wang’s interpretation of Kelly’s iconic dress reaches high on the neckline and finishes just above the elbow. Popular boutiques are full of wedding dresses with short sleeves. Some dresses are inspired by celebrity styles.

For example, one can wear embroidered lace sleeves just like Vera Wang’s design. Sleeves can look stunning with shiny crystal embellishments. They can create a huge impact simply by the way they are stitched. Off-the-shoulder sleeves suit dresses with a cinched waist. If the dress has an open, scooped neck, fitted sleeves will look gorgeous. A conservative look is most suitable for conservative wedding and full sleeves are a great option to go for here.

For a traditional, romantic look, go for a little cap sleeve. It’s best to pay a lot of attention when choosing your wedding dress. You should look gorgeous on your big day. Covering your arms need not be irritating. In fact, doing so can be the ultimate in tasteful, elegant style.


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